Things that go BOOM!

Published on 8/5/2022

History shows that the hottest 30 day stretch of the year in Central Texas is typically July 15 - August 15. But that's only in most years and the summer of 2022 is on pace to serve up one of those dreaded "hold my beer, watch this!" heat waves. 

As a reminder, our storage rental agreement EXPRESSLY PROHIBITS any ammunition, fireworks, propane canisters, fuel tanks, or any form of chemical or combustible to be stored within your unit. If you think you might have inadvertantly violated that clause, please drop by the facility TODAY and remove any such items from the premises.

Remember: it's not just your stuff that will get torched if something goes BOOM! You'll also have to suffer the wrath (and lawyers) of your friendly facility owner, and all of the current tenants, as well.