How To Pack a Storage Unit

Published on 7/29/2023
Junk in storage unit

Toss it all in and lock the door!

Unfortunately that's how many storage units are packed; and that's not the best way to access and/or take care of your stored belongings. 

Rarely do we get a tenant who packs their storage unit once and then doesn't open it again until move-out day, and it's not much fun to unload an entire unit in blistering heat or pouring rain to retrieve that one must-have item in the far back corner. 

Here's a helpful video with good packing tips for your storage unit.

How To Pack a Storage Unit

Most importantly: Stack items vertically as high as you are able, and then leave an aisle down the middle and all the way to the back wall. That way if you need an item from the back, you can easily reach it without having to unpack the entire unit.