Influx of New Residents Drives Demand for Self Storage Units

Published on 12/18/2021

Perhaps it's a symptom of the Covid Pandemic, or maybe we just live in an idyllic place, but our beautiful Texas Hill Country is seeing a boom of new residents, and Burnet County is no exception. 

In recent months we've had a number of new tenants that have chosen River Hills Storage as a temporary home for their furniture and building materials while they transition from the city to the country.

According to the following article, land prices in the Austin-Waco-Hill Country region have increased over 30% in the past year to an average of $5,290 per acre.  

Hill Country Land Prices Rising

At River Hills Storage we have been full with a waiting list since mid-summer. And while that's obviously not a bad thing for our business, the recent pricing inflation for goods and services is also limiting our ability to expand and offer new storage units for lease.

While there's no way to forecast demand going forward, suffice to say, the Texas Hill Country has become a popular destination for families on the move.