Leave It Like You Found It

Published on 10/4/2023

Clean storage units in Fredericksburg Texas

Here's how your storage unit should look on move-out day


While we would like for you to keep renting storage with us forever, life does happen and at some point you’ll be faced with emptying your storage unit (ugh).


You’ve secured a big-enough vehicle, you’ve rounded up some helpers, and then you lift the door for a look at what you packed away months (sometimes years) ago.


Chances are you will immediately notice a few items you can live without, and at that point you’re faced with two options: load it all up and haul it to the dump/charity or leave it for the storage facility owner to deal with.


This is a touchy subject for facility owners. While we want to accommodate our tenants in every way possible, please understand that we must toe the line on two important matters. First, the storage agreement that you signed plainly states that no items/trash are to be left inside the unit or on the property grounds when you move out. Second: we are in the storage business, not the junk business, and if we have to haul your trash away, you will be charged for our time and expense.


Our firm stance on this matter often brings up a question from our tenants, “Why don’t you have a dumpster that we can use?” And while some facility owners do provide dumpsters, here is why we do not. For a dumpster to be of benefit to our tenants it must remain unlocked. Unfortunately, unlocked dumpsters invite abuse in the form of scavenging, household trash, and trash from non-tenants. Dumpsters are also expensive to rent. If we take on the cost of dumpster rentals then your storage rent will have to increase.


As you’ve likely noticed, we take pride in the cleanliness of our storage facilities. So, to avoid a costly cleaning charge (minimum $100) please plan accordingly and take away everything from your unit that you brought in.