Creepers and Crawlers

Published on 1/18/2022

Keeping pests out of your stored belongings is a collaborative effort between owner and tenant. Rodents and insects can squirm into incredibly tight places, and we have a monthly pest control contract to keep them at bay. Rodent bait stations are located around the property and insect intrusion points are sprayed regularly. 

Unfortunately, since your units are locked (and we don't have access) that's about all we can do to keep critters under control. Ultimately, keeping pests out of your stored belongings is up to you, and here's an article with a few great suggestions. 

How to pest-proof your storage unit

In basic terms, it starts with food. Any food in your unit--or anything that was ONCE food--(your child's dried macaroni art project) will eventually attract pests. Packaged or not, they will find it. 

We will do our best to keep them from entering the building, if you'll do your part and not give them a reason to stay.