YES, We Do Business Storage!

Published on 4/21/2024

Need some space for equipment or inventory? 

Have you priced warehouse and industrial space, lately? It's in high demand and way out of reach for most small businesses. If you're needing just a few hundred square feet, self storage may be your answer. 

At both of our locations in Fredericksburg and Burnet, we have many tenants who rent our storage units for their business tools, equipment and inventory: homebuilders, trades, retailers, service companies, etc.

Flexible Leases
With our month-to-month lease program, you won't be saddled with a year(s) long lease. If your business is seasonal and you need extra units for the busy times, just rent more spaces, then turn them back to us when your storage needs diminish. 

Online Rentals
Through our secure website, you can easily rent units, pay your bill, and manage multiple units from the same account. There's no need to open aditional accounts to rent more space. 

Always Open
We also offer 24-hour access, so if you need something before or after normal business hours you can swing by anytime and pick it up. 

Give us a call if you're needing to tuck away some equipment for your business. We've got you covered!