Improvements at River Hills Storage

Published on 8/31/2021

Improvements at River Hills Storage


Stainless steel door latch with disc lock

Thank you all for your cooperation during the transition from the previous ownership. We appreciate your business and look forward to taking care of your storage needs.


While the Burnet facility was in overall good condition when we bought it, we have implemented a number of improvements, with more planned for the coming months.


Online Payments

Our new online rental and payment system has been very well received, and we hope you’ll agree that it's a much easier way to manage your storage rental. For a no-hassle experience, please initiate the "recurring billing" option in your profile and we will auto-bill your credit card or debit your bank account each month on your payment due date.


Pest Control

We will be spraying regularly, and we’ve put out rodent bait stations around the property; but even more effective is making sure there are no attractants within the facility. If there is stored food, grains, or beverages—of any kind—inside your unit, rodents and insects will eventually find it. Per your lease agreement, the storage of any type of food within your unit is prohibited.

Surveillance camera


Video Surveillance

Currently the facility has 6 cameras covering all of the driveways and the front gate. The video recording and monitoring system, however, was substandard and we have replaced it with a system that is triggered by motion and will record events on the property 24 hours per day. This system can also capture license plate numbers which should help us track down any person committing a crime or lease infraction on the property.


Fire Prevention

We are meeting soon with Burnet County fire officials and asking them to review our efforts for preventing or containing a fire on the property. In the interim we need to make sure that we are not storing anything that could start or accelerate a fire. Explosives, chemicals, ammunition, propane tanks, gas cans, and corrosives are prohibited in your lease.


Reminder: we carry insurance on the facility structure, but it is your responsibility to insure the items that you store. 


Erosion control

Erosion Control and Driveway Repair

As you’ve likely noticed, we are getting a lot of silt and mud washing onto our west-side driveway from Burnet Hills Drive. While we looked at several (very expensive) options to combat the problem, we decided to first see if a grass buffer along the fence would stop the erosion. Last month we installed metal edging and planted an irrigated strip of grass seed along the fence. We are pleased to report that it’s growing nicely, and if the grass will stop the erosion, then we can focus on cleaning up the silt and filling in the potholes in our pavement. It’s a work in progress, but we’re working diligently on it.


New Door Latches

We have purchased stainless steel 4-bolt door latches to replace the original latches that are showing signs of wear. Our plan is to replace them as units turn over, but we’re happy to replace yours, by appointment, if you plan to keep your unit for some time.


Gate Access

While the security gate is currently operating as designed, we are looking into an online interface that will allow us to better manage access codes and operate the gate remotely if needed. 


NEW UNITS – Coming Soon!

Since we have received numerous inquiries for smaller storage units, we are currently receiving bids to divide the two endcap 10x20 units (#1 and #34) into smaller spaces. The options are 10x10 and 5x10 and we hope to add a few of each. We will let you know ASAP when those units become available.


Again, we appreciate your business, and hope that you’ll contact us with any questions or concerns.